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St. Luke's Halls offer a spacious and roomy venue for all occasions at a reasonable hire charge. Particularly popular hosting birthday parties with excellent facilities, offering a large kitchen and adequate parking.

The Upper Hall is particularly suitable for smaller groups and is complete with kitchen.

All enquiries for hire are dealt with by Pat Reynolds, Hall Custodian and she may be contacted on (01803) 299934 or 07886800140.

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St Lukes Church Torquay St Lukes Church Torquay St Lukes Church Torquay St Lukes Church Torquay

Welcome to The Parish Church of ST. LUKE

 ‘Jottings from the vicarage’  October 2014

 Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Autumn is with us and as we prepare for our Harvestide, we are thankful for all that God provides.

We are constantly aware these days of those around us who are not as fortunate. But as Christians, we are aware of our obligation to the poor as Jesus Himself has taught us to be through the Scriptures. Often in His ministry our Lord uses flowers, plants, cornfields,  bread,  vineyards, rich land owners, farmers and of course fishermen, to simply explain to the people to whom He was engaging, the Coming of God’s Kingdom and what it takes to be  a part of that kingdom.

We are told “If a man asks you for your shirt, give him your cloak also”.  And, “Blessed are the poor”. Also, “If someone asks you to walk a mile with them, go on and walk the extra mile”.  All of these parables and stories told by Jesus, are simply His way of pointing us towards the path that can lead us to the life eternal.

You will be aware that there are various organisations here in Torbay, which give much needed support to those who in this town have very little. Shekinah, Anod, Basic Bank and others, all seeking to do the Jesus thing. We too take part in regularly donating to these worthy causes following in our Lord’s footsteps, being Disciples of Christ in today’s world.

So at this season of the year, when we come together to celebrate and give thanks to God for ‘All good gifts around us which are sent from heaven above’. We thank the Lord of the Harvest for all he does in our lives and as He instructs us to love Him with all our heart and our neighbours as ourselves, “there are no commandments greater than these”, says Jesus.

 Surely then this is the key to a life eternal, following God’s commandments and doing as our Lord Jesus has commanded us to do, long may it continue!

I pray that this Harvestide will be a blessed one for us all.

May God bless you,

                                          Fr. Harry.




St Lukes Church Torquay


The Church was constructed in 1863 to the design of Arthur W. Blomfield. It is a Grade 2* listed building and as such has been able to attract English Heritage Lottery money.
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