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St. Luke's Halls offer a spacious and roomy venue for all occasions at a reasonable hire charge. Particularly popular hosting birthday parties with excellent facilities, offering a large kitchen and adequate parking.

The Upper Hall is particularly suitable for smaller groups and is complete with kitchen.

All enquiries for hire are dealt with by Pat Reynolds, Hall Custodian and she may be contacted on (01803) 299934 or 07886800140.

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TEL: (01803) 368 047 Baptisms, Marriage Enquiries

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me

St Lukes Church Torquay St Lukes Church Torquay St Lukes Church Torquay St Lukes Church Torquay

Welcome to The Parish Church of ST. LUKE

                  May God be with you through the New Year

                                  We thank you Lord for opening another chapter in our lives

                        May we live each page with meaning by touching peoples lives everyday

                                  Happy New Year to you and all those whom you love


Jottings from the Vicarage - March 2015


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The six weeks of Lent are a very important focus for us as Christians. Or for those who are serious about following Jesus all the way to the cross.

I have said on many occasions that Sunday morning alone is not going to get you unto heaven. In many churches, Sunday sadly, is no more than a social gathering, where likeminded people meet. The prime focus of Sunday is of course the worship of Almighty God not the worship of individual personalities, which to say the least is unhealthy and un-Christian.

Those who fall into this category are really missing the whole point of being part of a living active fellowship of believers. If we cannot without feeling selfish or unkind, or being judgmental, or indulging in gossip, or thinking ill of someone in our fellowship, have any place in God’s plans. “Love one another as I have loved you” says Jesus. How is it possible to be part of a fellowship of believers and not listen to what our Lord has to say to us? What kind of Christianity is that?

I hope and pray that this Lent will help us all to put behind us the bad old ways. Our guide is Jesus Christ no one else. If we are unable to do this, then all those who continue on their chosen path will come one day to a reckoning with our heavenly Father who has given us a rule book to live by. Maybe we can start again before it’s too late? In this time of Lent begin again to follow the teachings of Christ repenting to Him our failings and sins and all which we need forgiveness for. We dismiss this at our peril, our eternal life depends on it!

So, why not begin today and “Love your neighbour as yourself!.

It’s not rocket science is it?

  May God bless you all,

  Fr. Harry.








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St Lukes Church Torquay


The Church was constructed in 1863 to the design of Arthur W. Blomfield. It is a Grade 2* listed building and as such has been able to attract English Heritage Lottery money.
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